In Business Ethics. A Virtue Ethics and Common Good Approach

Ed. by Sison, A.; Ferrero, I.; Guitián, G.


This chapter explains fostering virtuous work among employees as the guiding moral principle of human resource (HR) managers. It presents virtuous work as one that prioritizes excellence and intrinsic motivation over effectiveness and extrinsic motivation, and is, at the same time, meaningful and engaging. The chapter shows how to create an organizational culture or corporate ethos that is supportive of virtuous work. There is a moral guiding principle to HR practices and strategic responsibilities. This principle orients standards in HR practices, such as personnel assessment methods, training, reinforcing good behavior, introducing codes of conduct and preventing malpractice. The chapter highlights the importance of approaching work as a meaningful activity and the role of HR managers in developing a virtuous organizational culture. It illustrates the understanding of the different dimensions of work and how this can affect productivity and action